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Decisions and Deadlines


  As of June 2013, the Board is not accepting unsolicited applications, but has decided to focus on multi-year commitments to several of our existing grantees.

Application guidelines

  • We accept only applications and letters of inquiry submitted using our online system.
    We will not respond to inquiries sent by mail.

  •  Letters of intent should be concise. We just need to know enough to invite you to a full application.

  • Please be careful to select the correct application type for your proposal. If you're not sure, please ask.

  • The application deadline is midnight of the stated date, even if it is a weekend or holiday. Late applications can be included in the next cycle.

  • Multi-year commitments are available in a few  cases, where appropriate.

Grant Guidelines

The J. R .Albert Foundation has the following funding priorities:

  • We support organizations doing work in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, or Kansas.

  • Work to improve access to fresh foods in disadvantaged areas, by addressing food systems, food distribution, community gardens, and local and sustainable agriculture.

  • Programs educating at-risk populations on nutritional practices and wellness. We give precedence to programs aimed at children and youth.

  • We give high priority to programs dealing with the epidemic of obesity, particularly childhood obesity.

  • Training of educators, physicians and other mentors to aid in distribution of health and nutrition information.

  • Providing food to those in need; food bank assistance grants are generally only made to larger regional food banks.

  • As of the first cycle of 2012, we are temporarily suspending funding for university research while we reassess our guidelines related to those projects.

 We do not fund :

  • Programs outside our geographic area, or those with  political affiliations.

  • We don't in general fund conferences, seminars, forums, summits, or think-tanks.

  • Private school tuition.

  • Religious institution operating costs, but do consider programs run by those institutions that meet our guidelines.

  • Museum or art exhibits

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